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Holly Ciocci

Ramapo Success Story

“Some of my family was from Italy, and after taking a 10-day vacation through the major cities the previous summer, I decided I wanted to study in Italy. I was interested in learning about the language and culture from where my family came. While abroad, I went to several Italian cities as well as Paris, Versailles and I even flew alone to England for a weekend. Studying abroad can be scary and intimidating, but it’s honestly the best thing I have ever done (so far.) I discovered who I am by placing myself in a completely unfamiliar situation, where I had to learn the basics of a new culture. I decided to become a Global Roadrunner because I would like to share my experiences and promote the benefits of studying outside our country. Studying abroad can be a confusing process, but I promise it’s totally rewarding in the end.” – Holly Ciocci ’14 graduated with a degree in Visual Arts with a double concentration in Drawing and Painting and Photography.

ISA – Florence University of the Arts – Florence Italy