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Griffyn Leeds

Griffyn Leeds headshot

“Studying Abroad through Ramapo has been the most enriching and life-changing experience for me. I’ve had the travel bug ever since I participated in an Alternative Spring Break trip in 2019 to Nepal. As soon as the plane touched down in New Jersey, I was immediately planning how I could go abroad again. With the help of the Roukema staff I was able to Study Abroad for my Spring semester 2020 in Athens, Greece. Both trips left indelible imprints on me. The exposure to different cultures and the ability to learn about new histories and traditions were truly elevating experiences.

I have had an extremely enjoyable experience so far at Ramapo.  Both my Literature and History professors have been engaging and interesting, and I am grateful for the knowledge they have shared with me.  My writing has grown considerably, and Ramapo has offered numerous opportunities for research avenues.  I am proud to be a Ramapo student, and I am so glad I chose this school for my undergraduate education.” – Griffyn Leeds ’22 graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature. Griffyn was accepted into the National Collegiate Honors Conference 2020 for Literature Research “Analysis of Milton’s Bee Simile” and studied abroad in Athens, Greece in the American College of Greece.

The American College of Greece – Athens, Greece