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Glen Tickle

Ramapo Success Story

“I loved my time at Ramapo. I studied film, and a big advantage Ramapo has over other schools is its easy access to equipment. I was able to take cameras out almost every weekend, and that meant I was able to make a lot of short films, most of them bad, while I was a student.

However, being able to make so many films taught me an important lesson I use now as a writer and standup comedian: You can do better on the next one. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to try your best. It just means it’s okay if something doesn’t turn out perfectly. You can write another story, tell another joke, or do whatever it is you do.

The way to get better for the next one is to learn what wasn’t perfect about the last one. Why wasn’t that short film funny? Why didn’t the audience laugh at that joke? Think about what went wrong, and improve for next time.

Doing a lot of work in a short amount of time is a great way to get better at whatever it is you’re trying to do, and that was my biggest takeaway from Ramapo. If it was the kind of school where students only ever worked on One Big Project, I don’t think I would have learned as much, had so much fun, or stayed an extra year-and-a-half past when I was supposed to graduate.” – Glen Tickle ’07 graduated with a degree in Contemporary Arts with a concentration in Digital Filmmaking. He is currently a self employed comedian and writer and his debut comedy album (Yes, Really) is available now everywhere at Glen actually came back to Ramapo in April 2016 to work on his set for the record and is thankful for that opportunity.