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Glen Huszar

Ramapo Success Story

Glen Huszar graduated with honors from Ramapo College in 2012 with a concentration in Digital Filmmaking. He manages the Media Support team for NBCUniversal’s Denver Operations Center. Huszar’s team is responsible for providing operational and technical support for the Media Operations Group. Their main objective is to build digital workflows, ensuring that all content processed by the 24/7 operation is prepped, QC’ed, and fulfilled on time with the proper specification for domestic and international distribution. Additionally, they provide support for the applications and products used for file-based digital workflows including video editing, transcoding, digital file delivery, and live streaming. Through Huszar’s strategic recommendations and deployments of identified solutions, over the last two years, he has played an integral part in designing NBCUniversal’s disaster recovery workflows as well as launching more than 50 international channels worldwide. He has received five awards for performance, innovation, and dedication for his contributions at NBCUniversal. Outside of work, Huszar continues to pursue his passion for creative photography and filmmaking.
“The community at Ramapo College was integral to developing the analytical, critical, and out-of-the box thinking required to work in a fast paced, high pressure environment. My professors constantly pushed me to challenge myself, raise the bar, and surpass my self-imposed limitations, encouraging me to be the best I could be in all situations. The support, encouragement, and diverse perspectives gained from attending Ramapo College have, without a doubt, aided in my success today.” – Glen Huszar