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Eva Ogens

Ramapo Success Story

“The old saying “If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life” describes how I feel about working at Ramapo! I feel I have reached the pinnacle of my career as an educator. I love helping young people reach their goals of becoming teachers and sharing my experience and expertise. I also am delighted to be in an intellectual community with colleagues that are warm and supportive.

Five of my students have won the Doris White Scholarship, which entitles them to attend the N.J. Science Convention and be honored for their lesson plans in science. I am always sensitive to my students’ needs and the quote below is from one of my students who struggled through a semester: ‘I appreciate you taking the time after class to speak to me. This semester really has taken a toll on me between classes and work, as well as some other stuff going on which is on my mind. It is greatly appreciated that you took some extra time to speak to me. Although I’m working just to get through this semester, I took some of the criticisms that you offered to heart and look forward to improving myself in the future. I am quite sure I will be in close contact for a long time to come. Your help is always appreciated.'”

– Eva Ogens is an Assistant Professor of Math and Science Methods and has been with the college since 2010. For more information, please visit Eva’s Faculty Page.

School of Social Science and Human Services

Recent Publications

Ogens, Eva M. (Primary) and Langheim, Richard, (anticipated, spring 2016) Spreading disease- it’s contagious! Using a model and simulations to understand how antibiotics work. The American Biology Teacher (refereed/juried)

Ogens, Eva M. (July 2015) Contributed case review for peer-reviewed book edited by Sadeghi, Leila and Kathe Callahan, Educational Leadership in Action, A Casebook for Aspiring Educational Leaders, Routledge/Taylor & Francis. (Refereed/juried)

Ogens, Eva M. and Crawley, Donna. (August 2013) Assessing confidence levels of preservice elementary teachers in teaching math and science, The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment. (Refereed/juried)

Ogens, Eva M. and Padilla, Christine. (February 2012). It’s Tradition! How one district-wide evening evolved into years of family science, Science and Children, 47-49. (Refereed/juried)

Awards and Accomplishments

In the last five years, Eva has been accepted to present Professional Development workshops to teachers locally, at the NJ Science Teachers Convention in Princteon, NJ, Brookdale Community College in Wall, NJ and nationally at the National Science Teacher Association Conferences in San Antonio, TX, Charlotte, NC, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, and Philadelphia, PA. Since Eva came to Ramapo, she presented sessions at various conferences 52 times in the last 6 years.


B.A. University of Connecticut (1975) Biology and Education
M.P.A. Rutgers University (1980) Public Administration
Ed.S. Seton Hall University (2001) Education Specialist, Professional Development
Ed.D. Seton Hall University (2008) Educational Leadership, Management and Policy

Certificates: School Principal/Supervisor, Student Personnel Services, Health Education, Comprehensive Science, and Certificate of eligibility for School Administrator

Courses Known For

Methods of Math/Science
Student Teaching Seminar