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Erin Muttel

Erin Headshot

Studying abroad was an experience that I never thought would happen. But the advisors of Ramapo’s Roukema Center were supportive and encouraging, and gave me the hope that led me to apply for a program in my dream destination of Paris, France. Living with a host family in Paris and attending a local college in residential areas of the city gave me the unforgettable opportunity to immerse myself in a new language, culture, and routine. The experience was something that I will never forget and one that taught me so much about myself. I am forever grateful to Ramapo for allowing me to take part in such a life-changing experience, and for the countless other positive experiences and lessons that this school has provided me.

I am a psychology major with a minor in substance use disorders. I knew that Ramapo was the perfect school for me from the first time that I stepped onto the campus as a high school student visiting colleges. It immediately felt like it was where I belonged, as the campus has a way of making every student feel extremely comfortable and welcomed. The professors of Ramapo’s psychology department have been incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, and they continue to motivate me to have confidence in my abilities and step out of my comfort zone every semester.” – Erin Muttel ’21 graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Substance Use Disorders. While at Ramapo, Erin made Dean’s list every semester, and was part of the Global Roadrunners.

ISA, American Business School Paris, Paris, France, Fall 2019