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Erin Hughes

Erin Hughes graduated from Ramapo College with a major in Literature in 2007. By that time, she’d already been working at the Potter Library for four years. She began working at libraries in 2003 as a student aide, and was promoted in 2004 to a night shift supervisor. By 2007 she had secured a full time position as a Technical Library Assistant. Erin has been passionate about working in libraries since she was a small child- the idea of being able to work where there were so many books was not only a dream come true, but has probably saved her a small fortune over the years. Erin has secured a job at the Mahwah Public Library working in the Children’s Department as a Library Associate. She particularly enjoys fielding questions from the children like, “What color is lightening?” She has worked in several different public libraries over the years, while working at Potter Library, including Maywood, and Midland Park, and she has done several different things while she’s worked in each one, including Public Relations, Circulation Clerk, and Technical Services. She also hates the phrase “wore many hats,” and thus left it out of the previous sentence. Erin will be attending Rutgers University in beginning Summer 2014 to get her Masters of Library and Information Science, and one day hopes to be able to run a library of her very own.