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Elissa D'Aries

“Bonjour! During the summer of 2013 I studied abroad with CIEE in Paris, France studying French Language and Literature. Studying abroad was an enriching experience that allowed me to improve my French language and experience French culture first hand. I stayed with a host during my stay, which made French language and culture all the more accessible. From medieval castles, to Renaissance paintings, to modern art (such as the Mur de “Je t’aime” as shown in my photo) I discovered that French culture was much more than baguettes and the Eiffel tower: it is a diverse array of art forms spurring from the entire history of France. My experience studying abroad was amazing, and as a Global Roadrunner I am excited to help my fellow students with the study abroad process. Everyone should be able to study abroad!” Elissa D’Aries ’15 studied Literature and Elementary Education.

CIEE – Paris Center for Critical Studies – Paris, France