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Donavon Falls

Ramapo Success Story

“Prior to my participation in the South India Study Abroad Program, my academic endeavors seemed tame in nature. I encouraged myself to embark on a journey that contested my preconceived notions of a typical college lifestyle. Right from the beginning, I was greeted with open arms by a diverse group of students who originated from all over the world in pursuit of their own academic interests. We immediately bonded over our anticipation for the unique opportunities ahead of us. Throughout the span of a semester we expanded our horizons, traversing the Indian landscape across rural and urban environments. We met with organizations and community leaders who embodied the progressive change we all cherished as individuals; and I was inspired to push myself to achieve new goals both inside and outside of the classroom.” – Donavon Falls ’15 graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies. Donavon was a member of Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society and worked as a Liaison for the Assistant Director of International Education while he was a student at Ramapo. Donavon received his associate of science degree in Environmental Biology from County College of Morris in 2013.

RCNJ – India Development & Sustainability, Bangalore, India