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Danielle Dill

Co-op: Raider Publishing International, Fall 2012

As an intern at Raider Publishing International, I’m learning what it is to be apart of the world of publishing. I’ve always been an avid reader and it’s my interest in books that prompted my goal to work at a publishing company someday. Starting my career by interning at Raider Publishing International has been an excellent choice and opportunity. Aside from engaging in a friendly atmosphere, I’ve been learning all the aspects of publishing. Since I’ve been there, I’ve edited manuscripts, formatted books before they are sent to the printers, used Adobe Photoshop to create book covers, recorded pod casts, written radio advertisements, and written and uploaded press releases to Raider Publishing International’s website. These are all skills I can add to my resume for future jobs. This has been my first experience in the field of publishing and I love all it has to offer so far.