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Daniel Bjurling

Ramapo Success Story

“I did not make school a priority when I began my college career at Ramapo. As a freshman, I was placed on academic probation. My grades improved a bit in my sophomore year but then my life took an unexpected turn in my junior year when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was advised by doctors to take time off but I decided to stay in school instead. Despite being in and out of the hospital for chemo treatments, I worked hard and raised my GPA, and even made the dean’s list, eventually graduating with a degree in Finance.

In the seven years since graduating, I worked at companies that are considered the top of their industry and received several promotions for my efforts. I can attribute my success to the faculty who never gave up on me and helped me grow beyond my expectations. I want to thank Dean Chakrin who encouraged me to stay at Ramapo when I was at a low point (academically and personally) and told me that I deserved to be there. I’ve spent every moment since trying to prove him right, by being successful in my professional career and representing Ramapo in the best way that I can. I will always be grateful for his support and for the support I’ve received at Ramapo College.” – Daniel Bjurling ’09 ’15 earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance and his MBA from Ramapo. He is now a Senior Financial Analyst with Warner Brothers.