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Christopher Self

Ramapo Success Stories

“I studied in Saint Petersburg, Russia during the spring of 2015 as a student of the bilateral exchange program offered by Ramapo College. The four months abroad allowed me to witness and partake in multiple aspects of Russian culture. Travel to cities such as Moscow and Vyborg provided additional insight to the history, food, culture and people of this vast country. Through lectures at the Faculty of International Relations and friendships with native speakers, I was able to greatly improve my spoken and listening comprehension of the language. In addition to these courses, I attended lectures focused on Russian history, the Cold War and international arms control regimes. Everyday life in Saint Petersburg was fast-paced and no day was dull. The apartments where I lived hosted students from around the world. As someone who has always wished to travel internationally, the decision to embark on this journey is one I will forever appreciate, especially due to the experiences.” – Christopher Self ’16 graduated with a degree in International Studies.

St. Petersburg State University in St. Petersburg, Russia