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Christine Green

Ramapo Success Story

“The Masters in Educational Technology program at Ramapo prepared me to produce quality websites containing robust materials that benefit not only the students at my school, but also the faculty and administration. Additionally, the program taught me how to assess and employ various educational apps. The instructors at Ramapo are teachers and technology leaders in their respective school districts so they come to the program knowing exactly what the students need to succeed in the field. I came to the program with the goal of enhancing my skill sets in technology in the classroom and came away with much more. I learned so much about Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, assistive technology for students who learn differently, pedagogy, how the brain learns and grows, how to ensure students get information in to long term memory by creating lesson plans that have sense and meaning, flipped classrooms, and so much more! It transformed my approach to learning and teaching.

Dr. Russo, Ms. Moone, Mrs. Bender and Evelyn Horner were amazing instructors. They made the material so meaningful and timely for what is going on in education right now. Being so relevant for what we instructors need today made the MSET very valuable to me and gave me a very rich experience at Ramapo.” – Christine Green ’15 graduated with a Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET) from Ramapo College. She previously graduated Magna Cum Laude and received her bachelor’s from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is the Media Specialist for Don Bosco Preparatory High School.