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Brittany Ryan

“The interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies program at Ramapo allowed me to define a career path that truly reflects my passion. Sustainability is an expansive field, and with the assistance of my engaged professors – with whom I still share a relationship – and a diverse course structure, I’ve channeled my interests into a meaningful profession. My Ramapo experience encouraged me to be a change agent and uphold my ‘save the world’ mantra.

I’m currently a consultant at an energy management and sustainability consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. metro area, where I work with local governments and commercial real estate properties to identify and achieve energy conservation goals. In fact, I helped recruit Ramapo as a participant in one of the programs I assist, the Energy Department’s Better Buildings Initiative. I also joined the local Energy Master program as a volunteer helping to weatherize apartments in surrounding low-income communities to increase their comfort-level and save money on utility bills.” – Brittany Ryan ’13 graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Public Policy. While at Ramapo, Brittany was awarded the Leadership Scholarship from 2009-2013; awarded four Ramapo College Foundation Scholarships in 2013; studied at the University of Hawaii, Hilo for the spring of 2012 as part of the National Student Exchange Program; and member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. She currently works at JDM Associates as an Energy & Sustainability Consultant.

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