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Brianna Lockhart

Brianna Lockhart ’11 works in the publishing industry. At Ramapo, she pursued a double major in History and Literature, believing that this would prepare her well for a career in publishing. In her spare time she worked at her hometown’s public library, and also served as a tutor in Ramapo’s Center for Academic Success. After graduation, she landed an internship in publicity at Bloomsbury Children’s Books in New York City. That provided her with the experience and skills she needed to advance in her chosen career. She is now employed by Penguin Random House in New York, and works on marketing Penguin Young Readers young adult and middle school grade novels. She believes her education at Ramapo helped make her writing clear and concise, a skill she believes is essential to success in the working world. Beyond that, she constantly draws on the knowledge she gained in her courses to contextualize the projects she is working on at Penguin. “You never know when ideas you learned about in class can help enrich and give an additional layer of meaning to your future work,” she says.