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Brian May

Ramapo Success Story

Born in 1988, Brian May is a writer, producer, actor, editor, and musician who originally hails from Montclair, New Jersey, having moved to Mahwah, New Jersey in 2004. He began attending Ramapo College in 2009 while majoring in Literature before graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2011.

Brian co-wrote, produced, starred in, and edited his feature film debut, Exhibition Day (2015), which was first conceived as a short film four years prior on the Ramapo campus in collaboration with Armando Lamberti, a fellow Ramapo Literature graduate (’13) as well as the film’s co-star, director, co-writer, and composer. Combining their inherent artistic talents, the two alumni form Lamberti May Productions, a filmmaking endeavor striving to join the humanist and formalist impulses into the art of pure cinema.