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Brian Bass

Brian Bass headshot

“At Ramapo I gained a passion for learning that continues to serve me well every day. The college gave me the flexibility to explore my interests, encouraged me to take chances, and enabled me to grow intellectually, emotionally, personally, and professionally. I look back on my years at Ramapo with fondness, good memories, great friends (that I still have to this day), and gratitude for all that Ramapo has helped me to become.

My goal as a communications major at Ramapo was to pursue a career as a writer in the advertising field. I landed my first job as a copywriter at a small ad agency in New York City, went on to become a copywriter in the advertising department at Macy’s (Herald Square), then discovered the field of medical communications working for a small ad agency in New Jersey whose clients were in animal health pharmaceuticals. I left that company to start my own business in 1989, migrated from veterinary to human medicine, and have built an amazing career as a professional medical writer. I am a past president of the American Medical Writers Association, the largest professional organization for medical communicators in the world. In 2017 I received AMWA’s greatest award, The Harold Swanberg Distinguished Service Award, for my contribution to the field of medical communications. I am also co-author of The Accidental Medical Writer series of books, resources, information, and inspiration for freelance medical communicators.” – Brian Bass ’79 graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s in Communications. He is the President of Bass Global, Inc.