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Brandee Chapman

Brandee headshot

“I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies in 2011 and although I have always had a love for the environment, the inspiration for a career in open space preservation came from the Geography of the Pacific Northwest program developed by faculty member Professor Howard Horowitz. I spent a month traveling, hiking and camping throughout six different states while exploring national parks and forests, reservations, museums, fisheries, archeological/historical sites, and studying various geographical features that are unique to the Pacific Northwestern region of the country. The trip fueled a passion to pursue a profession focused on continued protection and appreciation of our precious open spaces.

After graduating, I completed an internship at a non-profit organization doing environmental restoration and conservation projects and immediately started networking to find my dream job. In 2012, I started my career with the Green Acres Program as an hourly assistant for the Recreational Trails Program. In May of 2015, I was promoted to the position of State Trails Coordinator and charged with managing the New Jersey Trails Program – including the federally-funded Recreational Trails grant program – as a one-woman show. I am currently pursuing a master’s in Public Administration from Rutgers University, and I look forward to helping the Trails Program grow and develop into an accessible, relevant resource for the residents of New Jersey.” – Brandee Chapman ’11 graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. She currently serves as New Jersey’s State Trails Coordinator, working for the Department of Environmental Protection under the Green Acres Program.