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Alex Frisch

“Even though I am only a freshman, my courses in Law and Society and Sociology have broadened my understanding of the legal profession. The faculty advises and connects with students one-on-one. My professor, Professor Ellsworth, was a fascinating, motivating, and incredibly kind professor in my law and society course during the fall semester.  I approached him for advice when I had to write four papers, a midterm, and a final exam during the semester.  Regarding his guidance for me, it concerned pre-law and law school. His enthusiasm for the law encouraged me.

The many extracurriculars I’ve participated in have reinforced my love for studying law. I was given the incredible opportunity to take part in the CCEC’s LIS (Leaders In Service) Program in the fall of 2023. I also ran for senator in SGA, which inspired me to work hard in everything I do, and I joined the Law School Prep Club to get support before I start the law school process. In addition, I was just admitted to the Phi Alpha Delta Society of Scholars and the National Honor Society Alpha Lambda Delta. This membership signified my acceptance as a beginner scholar in law and my continuing respect for law enforcement and its system.

So far, being a Law and Society major has helped me develop critical thinking abilities and understand how law is related to society. I am confident that I will discover peers in this program who want to pursue the same career path as me. I’ve had the opportunity to build my resume and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that will help me meet new people and gain employment and career experience. This will assist me in my future legal studies as well as when I eventually go to law school and am able to comprehend graduate-level work. I will be equipped and ready for the demands of law school by the time I graduate from college.

I’ve been motivated to keep working hard and pursuing my aspirations by Professor Ellsworth. Like him, I hope to practice law in two different fields and eventually obtain a PhD to become a law school professor.  I am looking forward to my remaining courses in the Law and Society major, as well as the other possibilities that await me during my time at Ramapo” -Alex Frisch ’27 is a Law and Society major with a minor in Crime and Justice Studies and a minor in Political Science.

He is currently involved in Law School Prep Club
as the President, in
Student Government Association (SGA)
as a Senator at Large and in Leaders In Service (LIS) as a CCEC Civic and Community Engagement Center general member. He made Dean’s List in Fall, 2023, serves on the SSHS Dean Advisory Board, is the President of Alpha Lambda Delta, a National Honor Society, and was accepted into the Phi Alpha Delta Society of Scholars.