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Practicum Education

Practicum Education in the Social Work Program

The social work profession deems field education as its signature pedagogy. As such, field education is the framework in which students are socialized into the profession of social work and learn to function as professionals. Field instruction is designed to enable students to apply and integrate theoretical concepts, knowledge and practical skills learned in the classroom. 

The Social Work Field Education Team at Ramapo College offers a personalized experience with one-on-one interviews, field visits, and frequent check-ins to provide support and ensure success. No student takes on the internship process alone. Ramapo College’s Social Work program provides incomparable opportunities for BSW and MSW students with countless partnerships with agencies, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations. The Field Team considers each student’s considerations and aspirations when identifying field placements to help prepare skilled, competent, and confident professionals.


Welcome to Field Education in the Social Work Program. The field team looks forward to working with you. Processes and requirements differ between BSW and MSW levels, but the importance of fieldwork remains the same. Please be sure to review the information below, and contact me with any questions.

Cardacia Davis, MSW  | | (201) 684-7297

Note that the Social Work Program at Ramapo College is in the process of transitioning the term “field” to “practicum” when referring to the signature pedagogy of social work education.

Bachelor of Social Work Practicum Education Master of Social Work Practicum Education

Information for Practicum Agencies and Practicum Instructors

Is your agency interested in partnering with Ramapo College to host social work student interns? Please complete the Agency Interest Form to notify a representative of the Practicum Education Department of your interest. The team will iniatiate contact with you to learn more about your program and needs.

Already a Field Instructor and looking for more information? Visit our Practicum Instructor Webpage.