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Photo Lab

Welcome to the Photography Lab!

The Photography Lab is much more than a great technical resource for our Visual Arts students.  It is a second home, a place full of energy and the support of peers and mentors.  It is a place to sip on your coffee, listen to music and make great photography.

But what about our facilities?  They are state-of-the-art and ever-growing!

photo taken by Emily Gachko

Our Photography Lab consists of a film loading room, a large developing area, and a 15-station silver darkroom for 35mm, medium and large format printing.  Our digital lab is equipped with Epson inkjet printers, Epson print and negative scanners and a Hasselblad Flextight X1 film scanner.  There are three daylight balanced viewing stations for proper assessment of prints, a dry-mounting press and mat board cutter.  Our Lighting Studio houses two cycloramas, a copy stand, Hensel strobe lighting kits and hot lights, among other equipment.  The Photography Lab has an extensive collection of film cameras, digital cameras, tripods, flashes, light meters and much more that may be checked out by students.  For a detailed list of equipment please visit Facilities & Equipment List and look under the Visual Arts tab.  To checkout equipment please visit the Photography Lab in Berrie Center 135 during open lab hours.

The Photography Lab offers one-on-one assistance on all equipment.  To schedule a demonstration contact Photography Lab Supervisor, Eva Fazzari at


Image Credit: Emily Gachko, 2015