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Peer Facilitators

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The Peer Facilitation program fosters a sense of community among first-year students by connecting them with upper-class mentors who, not long ago, were new to Ramapo themselves. Through exercises in self-reflection, team building, trust and acceptance, peers pass on their knowledge to ease the transition to college life, enhance the first-year experience and immerse students in the Ramapo community. The program provides new students with direction, a sense of what to expect during their first few months and a network of support that extends beyond the classroom.

Connection to First-Year Seminar

Peer facilitators work with First-Year Seminar (FYS) faculty to forge bonds with and among students in their classes. Peers attend the FYS course with their peer class. Through their presence and weekly class facilitation they help new students feel comfortable and provide them with tools to help them excel; in doing so, they expedite three key forms of engagement:

  • Personal: Peers serve as role models and mentors for their students. Through open discussion and analysis of student strengths, they promote methods for critical thinking and problem solving both in and out of the classroom. Peers connect with their students by reading and responding to weekly journal entries, gently advising and tailoring plans to student interests.
  • Social: Throughout the fall semester, peers address important topics including societal pressures and choices, time and stress management and the balance between academic and social commitment.
  • Campus & Civic: By sharing their own experiences, peers can motivate students to use campus resources to their advantage, whether they are seeking peer tutoring, academic advisement, placement testing, counseling services, financial aid or gender empowerment. Peers inspire new students to get involved by exploring volunteer and job opportunities, clubs and organizations.

Meet the Peers

Our team is carefully chosen from a pool of applicants with diverse experiences and perspectives who participate in extensive training. The peers are encouraged to build a sense of community among themselves, just as they will do with their students. To learn more about the Peer Facilitators please click here.

Peer Facilitators General Contact Information

Phone: (201) 684-7441