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The functions of the Payroll Office include paycheck processing, tax filings, and accounting-related tasks.

Tax Information:

2018 Payroll Tax Alert

If you are currently claiming an exemption from federal or state tax withholding and wish to do so again in calendar year 2018, you must complete new W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance forms for both federal and state.  Please submit them to the Payroll Office no later than January 31, 2018.  If a form is not submitted, the Payroll Office will automatically withhold at the single/0 exemption rate beginning with the pay date of February 9, 2018 for faculty/staff and February 16, 2018 for students.

FICA/Social Security:
      • Maximum earnings: $128,400.00
      • Maximum deductions: $7,960.80
New Jersey:
      • Maximum earnings: $33,700.00
      • Contribution rate SDI: 0.19%
      • Contribution rate FLI: 0.09%
      • Contribution rate SUI/WF: 0.0425%

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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Office: D-119
Fax: (201) 684-7922


Marilyn Murray
Payroll Manager
Phone: (201) 684-7782

Robin Mertz
Payroll Specialist
Phone: (201) 684-7783

If you have any questions regarding payroll, please e-mail us at Questions will be answered within 24 hours.