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Student Leadership Team

NJHEPS Student Leadership Team

NJHEPS offers a unique platform for student leaders from throughout New Jersey to unite and develop strategies for incorporating sustainability initiatives on their own campuses.  The student leadership team shares the successes and challenges that colleges and universities in New Jersey face, and provides insight based on each individual’s experiences. Events such as workshops and symposia are designed and run by students partnering with the NJHEPS Executive Board and provide a forum for discussion, brainstorming, networking, and professional development.

One of our most recent events in 2018 was the Uniting Jersey for the Global Goals Symposium in which over 150 students and faculty from 15 colleges/universities throughout the state united to discuss how we can incorporate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) onto our own campuses and in statewide initiatives. Through roundtable discussions, we shared ideas that inspired us to address the 17 SDGs both collectively and individually.

We encourage all sustainability-minded students to get involved with the NJHEPS Leadership Team and look forward to working with you!

Dr. Daniela Shebitz, NJHEPS Sub-committee Chair for Student Engagement
Kean University, School of Environmental and Sustainability Science  (908) 737-3745