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Ramapo College of New Jersey Establishes Compression Institute Partnership

September 22, 2023

With Climate Week coming to a close, it is fitting to announce that, in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at fostering innovation, sustainability, and academic excellence, Ramapo College of New Jersey is pleased to announce the generous donation of $15,000 from the Compression Institute to establish the Compression Institute Grant Endowment. This endowment will provide vital seed funding to support programmatic and operational needs within the School of Social Science and Human Services and the Anisfield School of Business as they collaborate to establish the Compression Institute at Ramapo College.

The Compression Institute, renowned for its progressive thinking and pioneering framework, has redefined the way manufacturing and businesses approach sustainability challenges. The core of its mission: create and support vigorous self-learning systems in organizations and communities to enable enduring performance and resilient outcomes while consuming dramatically fewer resources. As the world increasingly recognizes the urgency of embracing renewable energy, pollution control, waste reduction, and the adoption of green practices, Ramapo College has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and is positioned to be a thought leader in the field.

This strategic alignment between Ramapo College and the Compression Institute marks the beginning of a dynamic partnership. Students at Ramapo College will reap significant benefits from the wealth of thought leadership and resources that the Compression Institute has developed over the years. Additionally, Ramapo is poised to advance the efforts of the Compression Institute by hosting professional conferences, developing educational seminars, and creating incentives to inspire more students to pursue studies in this critical field, while also encouraging faculty to expand their scholarship in sustainability.

Dr. Aaron Lorenz, dean of the School of Social Science and Human Services, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Compression Institute, a trailblazer in sustainability and innovation. This donation and partnership will not only enhance our academic programs but also empower our students to drive positive change in our world.”

“The Ramapo College Foundation is grateful to Co-Founders of the Compression Institute, Robert (Doc) Hall and our board member Jack Ward for helping to facilitate this partnership between the Compression Institute and Ramapo College.  The seed funding, in addition to the academic resources of the partner, will continue to strengthen Ramapo’s commitment to sustainability while helping to establish Ramapo as a thought leader and practice leader in compression thinking,” shared Christopher Romano, executive director of the Ramapo College Foundation.

The Compression Institute’s commitment to transforming the sustainability landscape aligns seamlessly with Ramapo College’s mission to empower future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to address the pressing challenges of our time. For more information, visit