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Nora Rachouh ’23 Named to ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll

April 26, 2023

Ramapo College and the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (ALL IN) announced that Nora Rachouh ‘23 has been recognized as part of the 2023 ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll. The ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll awards college students doing outstanding work to advance nonpartisan democratic engagement at participating campuses. Nora Rachouh ‘23 is one of  only 175 college students nationwide recognized for their nonpartisan democratic engagement work in 2022.

Rachouh joins a select group of only 175 students who hail from schools such as Emory University, Bates College, Duke University, M.I.T., and Princeton University recognized for their voter registration, education and turnout efforts ahead of last year’s historic midterm elections. The 2022 midterm elections saw one of the highest youth turnout rates for a midterm election in the past 40 years — an estimated 23% of young people ages 18 to 29 turned out to vote. “I am honored to be a part of the ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll! I have worked throughout my years at Ramapo College in the Civic and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) and have strived to get my fellow students to recognize the importance of being politically engaged regardless of preferences.”  

In November, ALL IN recognized Ramapo College as a most engaged campus for college students voting, and remains committed to promoting civic engagement and the democratic process. It is what Rachouh loves most about being a Ramapo student. “The college commits to forming well-rounded, informed, and empowered students of democracy with an interdisciplinary approach through the Civic and Community Engagement Center. The hands-on service ignites a flame within you, creating a want for change that promotes the desire to vote. Ramapo’s commitment to integrated classes with social issues and community service through the CCEC creates knowledgeable student leaders who understand no matter what major you have or where you are planning to work, being a well-informed politically engaged adult is for everyone.”

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