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Ramapo College Office of Graduate Admissions

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The curriculum requires a total of 36-credit hours in a two-year sequence and leads to a Master of Arts in Special Education Endorsement. Each of the course offerings will be designed to maximize individual engagement through relevant, interactive and collaborative instruction. Course objectives and desired outcomes are achieved through learning experiences that promote collegial discourse, collaborative problem solving, reflective practice, and performance-based applications that require participants to apply specific content and competencies in their professional practice.

  • The program curriculum and course offerings are uniquely designed to realize this mission. The 36-credit MASE program is comprised of:
  • Seven (7) 4-credit courses, each organized around required experiential learning opportunities and related authentic performance tasks; and One (1) two-credit Thesis Seminar course; and
  • Capstone Research Project 1 & 2 consisting of three credits each.

Traditional Track- 36 credits

Fall I – 8 Credits

Spring I – 10 credits

Summer I – 4 credits

Fall II – 7 credits

Spring II – 7 credits

*Subject to change based on individual advising


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