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About Mathematics

Is math your favorite subject? Do you enjoy problem solving or working with quantitative data? Would you like to become a high school or middle school math teacher and have a competitive degree to get the best job at the best schools? If so, then you should consider getting your degree in Mathematics.

Choose from one of the two Mathematics Tracks we offer:

  • Mathematics Traditional Track
  • Mathematics with Teacher Certification Track

At Ramapo College, the Mathematics program is of high quality and tailored to meet your career needs whether you are looking for a traditional major or concentrating on a teacher education track. A blend of pure and applied mathematics courses is offered to provide students with a firm and diverse foundation to pursue graduate study, to teach at the secondary or elementary school level, or to seek employment in industry.

The Mathematics Convening Group also offers a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics as well as two minor programs: A Mathematics Minor and a Statistics Minor (see Related Programs below).

Mathematics Convening Group Website 

Classes you can take:

Multivariable Calculus, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Physics with Calculus. Probability

See Full Program Requirements

Career Opportunities

Your degree in Mathematics offers a diversity of job opportunities, especially when paired with a required semester in computer science. You can pursue a career in such areas as actuarial science (primarily in the insurance industry), quantitative analysis (a growing field in the financial industry), market research, scientific programming, biomedical statistics, cryptography (one of the nation’s largest employers of mathematicians is the National Security Agency), market trading (such as Wall Street) and diverse other fields.

Of course, if you graduate with a Mathematics degree with a teacher education concentration, you’ll be qualified to teach in elementary and secondary NJ schools. Not to mention, you can also go on to graduate or professional studies. Ramapo graduates have gone on to attend Ph. D. programs at Harvard University, Bryn Mawr College, University of Denver, and Lehigh University, as well as graduate programs at Arizona State University and Vanderbilt University.

Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges

Job TitleSalary Range
Actuaries$69,000 - $186,940
Mathematicians$67,840 - $171,240
Operations Research Analysts$60,660 - $168,270
Statisticians$58,670 - $164,300
Computer Hardware Engineers$75,840 - $163,670
Surveyors$42,460 - $115,030
Economists$56,780 - $125,820
Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary Varies - Varies
Secondary School TeachersNo Salary Data
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education$54,520 - $105,550
Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education$53,620 - $99,320

* Sources of Information: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, please contact Career Services ( or visit

Hands-On Learning

Mathematics students have gained real world experience by participating in math-related internships with places such as: Allegro School, NJ School Districts K-12, Rockland Child Development Services (RCDS), Shelter Our Sister, the YWCA of Bergen County, Tipping Point, United Parcel Service (UPS), and Teach for America. Students who are mathematics majors in the teacher certification track gain hands-on experience by completing a semester of student teaching as well as by completing field experience components of their teacher education courses.

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