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About History

Do you really “dig” learning about ancient cultures, colonial America, or Napoleonic Europe? Are you engrossed in connecting the events of the past as a way to understand the present? Do you agree with philosopher George Santayana who wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”?

History, as the story of humankind, permits us to examine the lives and cultures of the past with a vision informed by hindsight and enhanced by modern analytical tools. The study of History expands awareness of other cultures, develops the imagination and helps connect the past to contemporary concerns.


Classes you can take:

World Civilizations, Historiography, Colonial North America, Childhood and Youth in 20th Century America, Japan: Early Civilization to Modern Revolution, Women in Middle East Societies, Age of Napoleon, Latin American Culture and Civilization, Biblical Archaeology and History, America Since 1945, Contemporary Africa

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With your History degree, you will have learned to evaluate what you read analytically, research and contextualize issues thoroughly, and express your ideas clearly in writing; these are essential skills in virtually any career. Because history encourages these abilities, you’ll have a wide range of career options such as in business, law, government service, publishing, journalism, social work, public history, and library and museum work. The field of diplomacy is another option, as is teaching, either in secondary school, or, after attending graduate school, in a college or university. History majors interested in elementary or secondary education prepare for their careers through Ramapo’s Teacher Education and Certification Program.

As a history major, you can select a focus in American, European or Global studies. You’ll also have hands-on opportunities to write history yourself or to work in the field. You’ll be encouraged to initiate independent study projects you’re interested in under the supervision of a faculty member of your choice. You can gain additional perspective from study abroad, fieldwork with historical agencies, and internships with organizations such as the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Morris Museum, Mahwah Museum, Pearson Publishers, Premiere Networks Radio, and Stony Point Battlefield, as well as through our Archaeological Summer Field School Preparation Program and the American Textbook Project.