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Our Students Love the Spanish Program!

“I want to learn a foreign language to get over language barriers. I find it upsetting not to be able to communicate with some people. I expect to not only understand the language, but the culture too.”

-Lisa Galasso, student

The Spanish program at Ramapo greatly impacted my ability to land [a] teaching job. The size of the program and small classes with individualized attention allowed my Spanish to grown and develop to the level I am at now. . . . The immersion like classes in the program were a great way to practice and speak the language when it was not my native language at home. Spanish has impacted my life in ways I never could have expected. My eyes have been opened to the world that exists beyond my home.

Steven Wiltbank, alumnus



“I want to be able to communicate freely with the people in their language. People treat you differently when you speak their language. It shows appreciation and respect for their culture. As for practical reasons, it’s almost imperative to be multi-lingual these days, with the mixture of cultures in the U.S. and all over the world. The multimedia used in Ramapo classes helps a lot in the learning of a foreign language. The software is very useful and the video teaches pronunciation and listening comprehension. You hear other speakers and don’t have to rely on the instructor only.”

-Maya Ivanova, student

McCarthy photo


My ability to communicate in Spanish has been an absolute advantage in my career. It has greatly enhanced my ability to attract clients . . .which is a valuable asset in a competitive market.

Christine M. McCarthy, alumna