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As a state College, Ramapo College of New Jersey follows the Record Retention and Disposition requirements governed by the State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services – Record Management Services.  To access the Department of the Treasury page click here

Record Retention Schedules

To view the retention retention schedules, click HERE

If you have any questions as to which record retention schedule applies to the record you are looking to destroy, please contact Patricia Chavez, Custodian of Records at

Records Disposal- State Approval Required

As per the Destruction of Public Records Act of 1953 (P.L. 1953, c. 410), public agencies must receive prior written authorization to dispose of their public records regardless of the medium in which the information is maintained.  As such the Ramapo College must obtain prior approval from the State of New Jersey prior to the destruction of records.   Request to dispose of information must be electronically submitted via the Artemis System

All government agencies must use Artemis system to file records disposition requests.

Q: How do I obtain Access to Artemis System to request record disposal?

A: Contact the Custodian of Records to obtain authorization to access the system.  Please email Patricia Chavez at  to obtain login access.  You will be trained on how to use the system.

Q:  I was already access to the Artemis System, but forgot the link?

Artemis System

Click HERE