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Beatrice Cronin: “A prominent memory is walking into the ‘Personnel Office’ looking for a job in the summer of 1979, and being offered the part-time position of Senior Clerk Stenographer in the Veterans’ Office at the rate of $4.44 per hour!!! There have been many other memorable moments since then, of course. Ramapo College has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional development, and it has been my privilege to be part of this special community for 29 years! ”

Doreen Janes: “Swimming in the outdoor pool, having a drink in the tavern, and everyone helping one another; we were a family.”

Ramona L. Kopacz: “Being so disappointed that EOF hired someone else to the position for which I had originally applied. Six months later, I started working here after all, in my current capacity as a Learning Disabilities Specialist.”

David Terdiman: “I remember seeing Coretta Scott King speak at RCNJ in the auxiliary gym in the Fall of 1984. What an incredible speaker-and to top it off, there was a terrible thunder storm that night and the power went out during Ms. King’s speech.”

Christine Voto: “The great community service events sponsored by Cahill and Community Service Center; food drives, tag wrapping and collection, and the joy of watching people with happy faces.”

Purvi Parekh: “The endless hours in the E-lab studying and writing papers….=)”

Shirlee Caruso: “My most memorable time was the 25th anniversary of the college as the special events coordinator!”

Alison Conlin: “Helping out in my sophomore year during freshmen move-in, seeing my old room and moving the new girls in there.”

Amy Bravo: “I remember being a student here in the early 90’s. There was no Berrie Center, just rolling hills. Smoking was allowed in the second floor A-Wing. Bob Scott was President of Ramapo and so was Bill Clinton.”

Virginia Kaiser: “I graduated in January 1979; came back as Professor in September 2007. As always, a great school.”

Dianne McNally: “My memory of Ramapo will always be of the great camaraderie shown with all the students.”

Jessica Dutschmann: “Skunks in ’04. Vegan Thanksgiving.”

Jim O’ Brien: “Great Bear scare ’06.”

Michal Savianeso: “Working in the recording studio with the students.”

Zachary Bressler: “Graduating with my Masters and having my son in attendance.”

Nancy Boone: “I especially enjoyed dinners with our international scholars at the White House, sharing customs, foods and thoughts. I remembers my 18 years as a student, not in a rush!”

Eddie Saiff: “My fondest memory is of the fantastic students I’ve had in my courses. I may not remember all their names, but I remember their faces.”

Jonelyn Planillo: “Ramapo has given me a wonderful experience. I have grown as a leader here and will share what I’ve learned with the world.”

Robin Keller: “I remember B-117, the old painting studio. It was great. We listened to the music next door, as we painted”

Isadora Seibert: “In the spring of my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to take a bigger leadership role on campus. I took a petition from the Student Government Association office to run for Sophomore Class Council Representative. I honestly did not think I had a shot at winning, because we were all new to the position. In the end, I won! It was an amazing feeling; I now run class council meetings every week, and call myself an important part of SGA.”

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