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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Grades and Class Standing Factor in?

Students admitted to Ramapo College generally rank in the top 20% of their graduating class with a Grade Point Average of 3.45 or a B+ average. If the high school does not rank, Ramapo College will utilize the grade point average and overall high school record to determine if the student qualifies for admission.

What should my SAT score be?

At Ramapo College, the average SAT score is 1170 (580 Critical Reading, 590 Math). Most students’ SAT scores range from 1050 to 1200. Those with scores above 1250 and an exceptionally strong record of high school achievement may be eligible for a scholarship.

What do I need before I apply for Financial Aid?

Ramapo College offers a number of scholarships for incoming freshmen based on academic achievement. All freshmen admits are reviewed for scholarship eligibility.