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Fall 2022 Courses

A total of 37 FYS courses comprise the FYS program in 2022. FYS courses reflect the academic mission of the college and they are designed to provide students with a strong foundation for life-long learning and achievement through interdisciplinary and experiential learning, and international and intercultural understanding.

First-Year Seminar courses promote diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, student engagement, and community involvement.

FYS Courses by Topic and Section ID

Words & Images

Creativity & Innovation

Media & Communication

Science & Society

Leadership & Politics

Business & Law

Culture & Place

Honors Sections of FYS
*Note: These sections are restricted to students already enrolled in the Honors Program.


Spring 2022 Courses

Two FYS courses are offered in Spring 2022. The first is interdisciplinary in nature, allowing students to explore issues from the perspectives of two or more different disciplines, and the second is international and intercultural in nature.