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48th Annual Conference

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EEA 2022 Preliminary Conference Program

Dates, Location, and Costs:


Wednesday May 4, 2022 Board Meeting
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 5-7 Sessions



What happened to the 2022 meetings at the Wardman Park Marriot in Washington DC?
The hotel filed for bankruptcy protection in February and thus the EEA has had to identify a new location. This was not easy.

COVID-19 Concerns

When a location was being evaluated, the two main concerns we considered was covid-19 safety and the cost for our members. I have personally visited this hotel multiple times this summer and have brought my family on one of those trips. These are the covid related procedures with selection of this hotel:

1. All passengers entering Jamaica must present a negative PCR covid test upon entry (these are current regulations) and PRIOR to boarding the aircraft. As opposed to US domestic flights that do not require covid testing, this regulation means that all passengers to Jamaica AND guests at the hotel have had a recent negative covid test.

2. Covid testing to return to the USA is free and available at the hotel. Upon check-in, you make an appointment for the day before departure. The entire process takes approximately ten minutes. You recieve all the documentation you need to return to the USA very quickly.

3. All hotel employees are screened daily for covid and mask wearing is required in all indoor spaces. This is enforced. Thus everyone you will encounter in the hotel should be COVID free.

4. We picked a warm weather area to have the ability to hold sessions outdoors. Our plan is to hold as many sessions in the gardens and lawn of the hotel as possible, allowing social distancing. I think this is safer than being locked into a conference room inside a hotel. Should we be forced to move because of rain, there are still covered outdoor areas and indoor rooms may have windows opened because it is warm outside!

5. Visitors to Jamaica must stay inside their hotel zone and may not leave into town areas. Jamaican residents who do not work in the hotel may not enter the hotel zone. Essentially you can think of the hotel and conference area as a strict entry heavily tested for covid zone (ie a relatively safe space to be in from a covid transmission perspective).

6. I REALIZE THAT MANY OF YOU MIGHT HAVE RESERVATIONS ABOUT TRAVELLING DURING THIS TIME. Feel free to reach out to me at and I will be happy to discuss this with you.


There will be dedicated submission portals for groups like URPE, AERE, etc. If you would like a sponsoring organization submission portal, please let me know. Please note that you have to pay a submission fee for general submissions. There is no submission fee for complete sessions, papers submitted to URPE and CSWEP (they have their own submission links).

EEA Submission Portal


  • By Oct 1, 2021 submissions will open
  • October 15, 2021 Early submissions deadline
  • Nov 15, 2021 general submission deadline
  • Jan 1, 2022 Acceptances sent out