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Student Teaching

Student Teaching Guidelines/Approval:

Potential student teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA dependent on state requirement at time of admission into the program.
  • Taken and passed the appropriate PRAXIS Test(s)
  • Successfully completed all required courses for your Major (Secondary Certification requires 12 credits at the 300/400 level in the content area pursued)
  • Successfully completed all required courses for Teacher Education

After the completion of the above requirements, students must make an appointment with the Certification Officer in E-234, for written approval to visit the Center for Learning and Instruction, E-222.

NOTE: Please see the Calendar of Events for Program deadlines.


Students must report to the Center for Learning and Instruction, E-222, only if written approval has been given by the Certification Officer, E-234. The necessary paperwork will then be given for the placement process to begin.


To Register for the Student Teaching Seminar, EDUC 491, students must attain a permit from the Certification Officer, E-234.

NOTE: If you are graduating the semester before student teaching you must fill out a Post-Baccalaureate Form when obtaining permission for the course. When you graduate the registration system no longer considers you a student and you need to be re-admitted for term.