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Center for Learning and Instruction


The Center for Learning and Instruction was established to support the art and science of teaching. The classroom teacher is the key designer of curricula for the new millenium. Designing and implementing lessons provides the building blocks for student learning. An explosion of new information about how humans learn is re-shaping all institutions of learning (pre-school through college). The quality of education will depend on the creativity and imagination of our teachers in translating new knowledge into practice in our classrooms. Our classrooms need to create learning environments that improve critical thinking skills, problem solving and decision-making. Statewide, teacher education programs in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Education are searching for strategies that balance the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, instruction, and assessment. Classroom learning is maximized when the teacher artfully integrates content, instruction and assessment, while utilizing the newest technologies available.


The Center for Learning and Instruction is designed to promote instructional excellence by emphasizing a focus on learners, providing continuous support and high quality professional development opportunities for teaching candidates, beginning teachers, experienced teachers, and college faculty. The Center is also responsible for administering, placing and supporting interns in student teaching.


  • To be a hub that connects the Teacher Education Department with the five other Schools on campus.
  • To serve the needs of the pre-service teachers at Ramapo College.
  • To place student teachers in schools throughout the state.
  • To keep faculty, pre-service teachers, and experienced teachers updated on changes in educational policy.
  • To reach out to local school districts to secure quality field work placements for our students.
  • To connect Ramapo College to outside resources, such as other colleges, state agencies, and K-12 schools.

Service to School Districts

  • The Center for Learning and Instruction offers Professional Development opportunities to local school districts through the Workshop & Lecture Series.
  • The Center is designed to support educators in their efforts to develop lessons by providing a place to assemble, explore, share, and demonstrate new ideas