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Residency Requirement

In order to be awarded a master’s degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey, a student must complete at least 75% of the required credits at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Students should confer with the appropriate Program Director regarding the minimum number of credits that they must take at Ramapo College to meet the residency requirement, as programs vary in the number of credits required for graduation.  All master’s degree programs require at least 30 credits, but most require more than this.

Students should also confer with the appropriate Program Director regarding the ability to transfer previously earned graduate credits into specific programs, as not all programs allow for transfer credit.

The Program Director will verify that students have met the graduate residency requirement.  The Graduation Office of Ramapo College will confirm this information and notify students who have applied for graduation as well as their program director and dean of any deficiency.

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