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Transfer Credit

Ramapo College accepts credits from all accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America  in accordance with the procedures, laws, and/or standards of the College, the State, and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  Ramapo College may accept credits from international institutions after an evaluation of coursework has been completed by a recognized evaluation service.

If a syllabus indicates that a graduate course taken elsewhere is equivalent to one given in a graduate program at Ramapo College, application for transfer credits may be submitted. The criteria for acceptance are different for each graduate program; therefore, transfer of credits must be approved by the  Director of the graduate program. Only two (2) graduate courses, not to exceed eight (8) credits (including GLEX), or a maximum of 25% of the overall credits needed to fulfill the graduate degree may be considered for transfer into a Ramapo College graduate program provided the courses are from another accredited institution of higher education. Students who transfer from a non-degree program to a degree program must fulfill the degree requirements in place at the time of matriculation into the degree program.

Graduate students can also earn credit for Graduate Prior Learning Experience (GLEX). (Please see the GLEX policy for details on GLEX credits.)


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