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Facilities Master Plan

The college’s last facilities master plan was prepared over ten years ago. Properly executed, such a plan can provide a valuable and productive road map for future development. An ad hoc committee comprised of college staff and outside consultants prepared a comprehensive Request for Proposal for a campus master plan, and solicited responses from a number of firms with expertise in master planning for institutions of higher learning. Following a thorough analysis of responses, the college selected and engaged Urban Strategies of Toronto, Canada to prepare the plan.

The firm has to date conducted extensive interviews with college staff, faculty and students and constituent groups such as the Faculty Assembly, Ramapo Staff Association, and Student Government Association. Key deliverables include an analysis of existing conditions; a space utilization analysis; development of a prioritized list of future needs for renovations, new construction and infrastructure; massing diagrams for future new construction; and a project implementation schedule. The campus master planners will coordinate their efforts with the development of the college’s new Strategic Plan; it is imperative that the campus master plan be fully consonant with the goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan.

A schedule and accompanying benchmarks reflect completion of the campus master plan and a report to the full Board by February 2013.

Master Planers: Urban Strategies, Ontario, Canada

Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Somerville, New Jersey