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Face Covering Policy for Students

Face Covering Policy for Students

Students are required to wear a face covering in classrooms and labs, regardless of vaccination status, unless there are medical concerns that would inhibit a student from wearing one.  Certain offices, events, and activities may require a face covering and students who enter these offices, events, and activities are required to comply.

Students who choose to wear a face covering at all times are able to do so.  Individual choices should be respected by others.   A face covering is not required when a student is actively eating or drinking. The face covering must fully cover both one’s nose and mouth. The face covering is meant to protect others, in the event that a person is infected and is not a substitute for social distancing, hand washing, and other prevention measures found here. The face covering does not protect an individual from COVID-19.

Students who are alleged to be not wearing a face covering, wearing a face covering incorrectly, or wearing an improper face covering will be documented and subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Student Conduct and may be issued an Interim Suspension.

Recommend Sanctions for Face Covering Policy Violations:

1st Offense:  Official Warning

2nd Offense:  $50 Fine

3rd Offense: $100 Fine and Probation

4th Offense: $150 Fine and Disciplinary Probation

Repeat offenses may result in a student being denied entry to class and any other action the College deems appropriate to protect the health and safety of others.

Students with a medically driven reason for not wearing a face covering are required to submit their request to Health Services (201-684-7536) and receive a College-approved solution. Health Services will work with students to determine an alternative and consult with the Office of Specialized Services on an as needed basis.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety offers helpful guidance on the facts about face coverings, which is located here: Face Covering Fact Sheet.