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Confidentiality Statement


Ramapo College of New Jersey maintains strict confidentiality requirements and regulations in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended (FERPA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) in addition to other federal and state laws. These laws pertain to the security and privacy of all non-public information including student information, employee information, and general College information whether it be in hard copy or electronic form.

I understand that I may be privy to such private information as a condition of employment. As an employee/volunteer/student/third party administrator of the College, I am required to protect against unauthorized access of such information, ensure the security and privacy of such information, and disclose any anticipated threats or hazards that may compromise the confidentiality of such information. I shall not release this information to the public, including but not limited to co-workers who have not been authorized or who do not have a legitimate business/educational need to know. Any questions regarding release of such information to another person will be directed to my supervisor and/or the College Custodian of Public Records as required.

I understand that Ramapo College of New Jersey defines UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS to be:

  1. Access to student, employee, or College information not necessary to carry out my job responsibilities.
  2. Access to the records of a student or employee for which I do not have signed authorization. This includes my children (protected under FERPA), spouse, parents, and other relatives.
  3. Release of student or employee information to unauthorized internal or external users.
  4. Release of more student or employee information to an authorized individual/agency than is essential for meeting the stated purpose of an approved request.
  5. Disclosure of my system username, password, or access codes to an unauthorized individual to gain unauthorized access to confidential information.

Furthermore, I understand that information may not be divulged, copied, released, sold, loaned, reviewed, altered or destroyed except as properly authorized within the scope of applicable federal or state laws. I understand that I will be held responsible for the misuse or wrongful disclosure of confidential information and/or for my failure to safeguard my system username, password or access codes to confidential information and further acknowledge responsibility for all activities undertaken using my system username, password or access codes.

I will abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of Ramapo College of New Jersey as well as federal and state laws applicable to my position at the College. I understand that Ramapo College may at any time, revoke employee/volunteer/student/third party access, other authorization, or other access to confidential information. I acknowledge that my obligation to maintain the confidentiality of all Ramapo College non-public confidential information will continue after termination of my employment.

Additionally, failure to comply with the Confidentiality and Safeguarding of Privacy Information policy and corresponding procedure may result in legal and/or disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions include termination of employment, regardless of whether criminal or civil penalties are imposed, depending upon the nature and severity of the breach of confidentiality.

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