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Reaffirming Our Promise MSCHE Self-Study 2020

Welcome to the Ramapo College Self-Study 2020 Webpage!

Over the past two years Ramapo College has engaged in a self-study process reflecting on how we meet the seven standards of accreditation outlined by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that culminated with the document Reaffirming Our Promise.  After reviewing that self-study and the corresponding evidence, the MSCHE visiting team determined that Ramapo College meets all of the standards.  In addition, we were not given any recommendations or requirements.  President Mercer noted the valued work of the entire campus leading to this uncommon result.

“Having served on and led visiting teams in the past, I will share with you that such a report is atypical. The Team noted instead that, on many fronts, the College must continue its existing efforts to ensure student success.
The Team’s affirmation of our work, our mission, our commitment to student success, and of our strategic decision making over the past 10 years should be more than a shared point of pride, because it is, indeed, far more than that. In my view, the Team’s findings are as much a validation as they are a representation of our public good and our social contract to deliver “purposeful learning” and to reaffirm our promise as the State’s designated public liberal arts college.”

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we thank everyone for their efforts and support throughout this process.
Stephanie and David


Spring Cleaning Initiative

Ever click on a Ramapo link and get the runaway Roadrunner error message or an old version of the link?  In an effort to do some housekeeping as part of our self-study process the Steering Committee is sponsoring a “Spring Cleaning” initiative.

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