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Announcement: Program Discontinued

The Ramapo College Provisional Teacher Program has been discontinued. A list of Regional Training Centers that are providing classes can be found on the NJDOE website

Please contact Joanne Caselli with any questions at 201-684-7626 or

Information About the Certificates of Eligibility

“Certificates of Eligibility” provide the opportunity to seek employment. These are NOT teaching licenses.

CERTIFICATES OF ELIGIBILITY (CE): The CE is issued to those qualified applicants who have not completed a state approved college teacher-training program (i.e., alternate route candidates).

CERTIFICATES OF ELIGIBILITY WITH ADVANCED STANDING (CEAS): The CEAS is issued to all graduates of state approved college teacher training programs. Teacher candidates who can document one year of full time teaching experience under a valid state license will be issued standard licenses.

PROVISIONAL LICENSE: This one-year license allows the holder to begin working in the classroom and legalizes employment. It signifies that the applicant holds a CE or a CEAS and has accepted an offer of employment. In addition, it signifies that the employing school district or approved nonpublic school has registered the applicant in the Provisional Teacher Program and has agreed to provide the required support and supervision.

STANDARD LICENSE: This permanent credential allows the holder to serve without condition in all New Jersey public schools.