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About MFA in Creative Music Technology

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Music Technology is designed for students who wish to advance their studies in the recording arts, electronic and computer music, and emerging intermedia art forms. Graduates of the program typically plan to pursue careers as producers, recording engineers, audio technologists, educators, or contemporary artists who combine these roles. The program requires 48 credits, which can be completed in one academic year and one summer term.

The MFA focuses on the development of innovative creative practices across the full range of musical disciplines along with rigorous theoretical and technical training. An emphasis is placed on flexibility, and students are encouraged to develop individual approaches to music technology and production that may include:

  • composition
  • sound design
  • interactive systems
  • performance
  • music industry
  • education

Courses in recording, mixing, digital and analog synthesis, sound design, electronic and interactive music composition, intermedia production, and live electronic music performance are all included in the core requirements. The courses offered during the Fall and Spring semesters will be a mixture of online, hybrid, and in-person classes, with the required Summer component of the program consisting of an intensive residency focused on completing a Thesis project.

The MFA is designed to complement the College’s existing Undergraduate music curriculum. Ramapo undergraduates have an option to continue on to pursue the MFA in Creative Music Technology by taking up to two courses that count toward the MFA in their Senior year.

Benefits and Reasons to earn an MFA in Creative Music Technology

The field of Creative Music Technology is all around us. It’s rapidly changing, more popular than ever, and continues to redefine the role of music in many current industries. Building on the highly successful Music Production and Music Industry concentrations in Ramapo’s undergraduate Music Program, the MFA in Creative Music Technology will enable students and graduates to do the following:

  • Develop leading edge skills using the most advanced, state-of-the art technology in the Les Paul Studio, Electronic Music Lab, and project studios (see details of facilities below)
  • Explore advanced concepts in music composition, production, and performance with technology as well as interdisciplinary approaches that combine music with other media
  • Interact with advanced faculty as well as a diverse group of leading guest experts who are working professionally in the field of music technology
  • Be qualified to teach in the Music Technology field at the college level
  • Immerse themselves in a rigorously creative musical environment which has a proven track record of accomplishment in the entertainment industries. Graduates of Ramapo’s Music Production and Industry concentrations have recently won a Grammy award for hip-hop production, placed a song in a Disney film, earned millions of plays on streaming services, received major press coverage from leading international publications, performed in a wide range of high profile venues, and secured jobs in leading music industry companies such as recording studios, labels, and post-production houses.
  • Produce a major thesis project demonstrating the student’s primary creative and research interests which can catalyze a professional career in the multi-faceted field of music technology
  • Earn a terminal degree in one school year plus one summer, with many online and hybrid options during the Fall and Spring semesters and an intensive creative residency program in Summer