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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)

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We are currently not accepting applications for future semesters. Updates regarding the program will be posted here when they become available. Any questions or inquiries may be referred to the Office of Graduate Admissions, 201-684-7270 or

Socrates suggested over two thousand years ago that we need more than specialized learning or mastery of a particular skill to function in our world. MALS is shaped by the traditions and heritage of Ramapo College, New Jersey’s official liberal arts college. The MALS program:

  • Enhances the ability of its graduates to analyze, synthesize and present information
  • Develops research, writing and critical thinking skills
  • Searches for the unifying elements in the complexities of modern life
  • Fosters an understanding of the multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of today’s world
  • Encourages originality and decision-making in an ethical context

MALS is a graduate program in the School of Humanities and Global Studies offering seminar classes in many different fields, including literature, history, psychology, philosophy, history of science, sociology and the arts.

MALS is a 30 credit program of 3 core courses, 5 elective courses and a 6-credit thesis or creative project and process paper, divided into a research semester and a writing semester. Students take 3 required core courses (generally team-taught) followed by five electives which build upon themes introduced by the core. Courses meet once weekly, in the evening, for 2 1/2; hours in the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer courses may meet day and evening, or evening only. In a selected number of instances, Saturday classes will be held during the academic year or during the summer.

The director of the program is Susan Hangen.