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Education Studies


Ramapo College Office of Admissions

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About Education Studies

Education Studies is one of the concentrations that students may choose as a Social Science contract major, offered through the School of Social Science and Human Services.

The Education Studies concentration allows students to explore the history of educational institutions and the social and cultural forces shaping educational thoughts and practices. Students who complete this concentration could find employment in many settings outside of schools that have educational functions; it may be of particular interest to students who are interested in working in educational settings, but do not wish to teach.

To complete the Education Studies concentration within the Social Science contract major, within the 11 courses required for the major, one required course (EDUC 221 Social Context of Education) and three electives would focus on issues related to Education Studies. See “Requirements of the Major and Concentrations” for details.

Participation in fieldwork that allows students to observe current educational practice and work with professional educators to hone their craft is recommended.