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Creative Writing


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About Creative Writing

The English and Literary Studies program offers a concentration in Creative Writing for our majors and a Creative Writing minor for non-majors. Our program combines intensive instruction in creative writing with conventional coursework in literary studies. In doing so, it prepares students for a life of thoughtful, informed, independent-minded citizenship. It is our position that students who write fiction, poetry, and nonfiction at the same time they are studying published and historical works of literature are uniquely positioned to gain insight into the writing process, the complexities of the verbal imagination, textual analysis, and the malleability of culture. Creative Writing students leave college ready to take on most challenges, and, indeed, our graduates have been as likely to make their mark in civic institutions or the corporate world as to devote their lives to authorship.

In addition to a complement of literature courses, students in Ramapo’s Creative Writing program enroll in workshops in which they produce original literary works, critique those of classmates, and learn how a variety of literary and nonliterary texts are constructed. While on this journey through the creative process, they have opportunities to meet and learn from nationally regarded authors who visit through the Readings at Ramapo Series. They meet fellow creative writers and interact through clubs and formal societies and organizations like Sigma Tau Delta and COPLAC, and they have opportunities to work on the college’s literary magazine Trillium, or, if they wish, to go off and make their own. They enjoy internships with New York publishers and literary organizations like Wiley and Sons or The Center for Fiction, use their coursework as preparation for graduate study or a career in editing and publishing or teaching, or simply take their knowledge, skills, and well-founded confidence into the world when they are ready to find it has been waiting for them.

Classes you can take:

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Career Opportunities

English and Literary Studies majors are ready to embark on any number of exciting careers. English and Literary Studies graduates excel in government, business, law, and even science—wherever articulate and creative expression is valued. And of course, the study of literature is excellent preparation for elementary or secondary teaching.

Ramapo’s English and Literary Studies majors make valuable connections in the community and professional world through coursework, internships, co-ops, and service learning. They thrive in the worlds of publishing, writing, law, journalism, diplomacy, public relations, higher education, and library sciences.

Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges

Job TitleSalary Range
Technical Writers$48,130 - $125,790
Writers and Authors$39,340 - $157,380
Editors$38,100 - $116,140

* Sources of Information: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, please contact Career Services ( or visit

Hands-On Learning

The Creative Writing Concentration/Minor provides students the opportunity to explore the discipline of Literature by focusing on the production of literary works with courses in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.  By creating literature, students are asked to embody and express the formal, aesthetic and thematic concerns that we share with the scholarly aspects of literary study. Additionally, the Creative Writing minor fosters the knowledge and talents of students who have demonstrated promise as writers and allows others to find talents they did not know they had.

Creative Writing Minor

Besides pursuing a English and Literary Studies major, students may choose to minor or concentrate in Creative Writing.

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