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Civic and Community Leadership


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About Civic and Community Leadership

Representative of Ramapo College’s curricular tradition of cultivating student engagement in civic, local, state and international communities, the Civic and Community Leadership (CIVL) minor brings together coursework that engages students and graduates in the public work of building democracy.

As the founder and co-director of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, author Harry C. Boyte’s scholarly work on civic engagement and higher education is foundational for reconceptualizing civic learning. He writes: “We need to move beyond narrow views of citizenship as voting and voluntarism, and reinvent citizenship as public work, work that explicitly and intentionally prepares our students (and ourselves) to be builders of democracy, not simply helpers, voters, analysts, informers or critics of democracy.”*

The selection of courses in the Ramapo College CIVL minor creates an opportunity for students to examine their potential for leadership within a number of domains, including interpersonal styles of leadership, ethical traditions, domestic and international politics, and social justice. Through the satisfactory completion of specific elective course offerings, students are able to situate this broad foundation within the field they wish to pursue.

*Democracy’s Education: Public Work, Citizenship, and the Future of Colleges and Universities (2015)

In addition to the core courses, the Civic and Community Leadership minor features an array of electives across many majors.

Class List:

Career Opportunities

Civic and community leadership skills can be applied to almost any field of study or career path.


Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges

Job TitleSalary Range
Lawyers$69,240 - Varies
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health$47,170 - $121,730
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists$64,920 - $108,530
Urban and Regional Planners$39,160 - $118,800
Educational, Guidance, and Career Counselors and Advisors$48,340 - $103,040
Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators$51,940 - $153,520
Public Relations Specialists$38,610 - $136,450

* Sources of Information: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, please contact Career Services ( or visit

Hands-On Learning

Students minoring in Civic and Community Leadership have abundant opportunities through their courses to experience hands-on learning. In particular, in CIVL 301, students have an opportunity to design their own non-profit organization to address and educate around a social issue that is of importance to them.

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