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Graduate Open House
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Brian Chinni

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Teacher Education

Office Address: E-232

p: (201) 684-7613

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ramapo nj educational leadership programThe MAEL program of study is comprised of a cohesive framework of courses that are well grounded in important theoretical studies; a progressive sequence of field-based opportunities to allow for the application of such theoretical models in the school environment; and an integrated applied research requirement that serves as one of the program’s capstone experiences. Students will gain or further their technical skills through web-enhanced and/or distance learning experiences that harness the power of modern information and communication technologies, thus enabling each to regularly participate in practical, meaningful, and relevant professional development.

Semester I:

  • Effective Educational Leadership and School Management (4 cr.)
  • Best Practices in Curriculum Planning, Design and Development (4 cr.)

Semester II:

  • Evaluation and Supervision to Promote Student Academic Success (4 cr.)
  • Applied Research in Practice: Using Data for Decision Making, Educational Planning and School Improvement (4 cr.)

Semester III:

  • Change Leadership: Administrators as Change Agents and Instructional Leaders (4 cr.)
  • Educational Leadership Institute I/Field Experience I (6 cr.)

Semester IV:

  • School Law: Legal Issues Affecting Contemporary American Education (4 cr.)
  • Educational Leadership Institute II/Field Experience II (6 cr.)